Pennsylvania – Physician Trust

Now Available in Pennsylvania: Physician Trust Financing


  • Rates trending downward in Pennsylvania – Act Now! 
  • 100% Financing – No PMI
  • No Mortgage Insurance – All Waived
  • 100% to $750,000 – Complete “Quick Contact” Form for Eligibility
  • 95% to $1,000,000
  • 90% to $1,500,000
  • Loan amounts to $3,000,000 – required down payment may vary
  • On-Call Service 7 days a week
  • Private Client Rate Promo and Terms
  • High Tech Facilitation Platform
  • Rates are subsidized for the Medical Community
  • No County Restrictions
  • Close within 25 days
  • Experienced Mortgage Professionals – 25 Years!

Our team has diligently served the Medical Community since 2004 and has recently expanded into Pennsylvania, offering a service that specializes in assisting graduating Medical Students, Residents, Fellows, Established Physicians, Dentists, including High Tenure Doctors and those with Professional occupations become homeowners with No PMI, minimum cash while tied to Private Client rates and terms. Our highly experienced doctor loan experts focus on making financing simple and swift, as well as securing the most aggressive mortgage loan products the industry has to offer. Our purpose is to make that connection between Doctor, Professional and Lender.

Most recently we held a conference with UPMC Shadyside, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This resulted in closing 19 transactions with Doctors within the great state of Pennsylvania. We also connected with Lancaster General Hospital, Lancaster, PA. assisting 14 Doctors, 8 CRNA and 5 Physician Assistants with our Doctor Offering. 

Whether you are a new Doctor or established Doctor our recommended professionals will discuss with you and your Realtor the steps needed for negotiating the lowest cash requirement at a loan amount up to $1,500,000. Higher loan amounts available. Our team is dedicated and has a proven track record with providing preferred mortgage solutions to graduating Medical Students, Residents, Fellows, Practicing Physicians, Dentists and other Medical Professionals.

We are a name you can Trust in Pennsylvania. Our company offers unparalleled customer satisfaction. With industry leading response time we will provide you with all that is needed to make a bona fide offer on a prospective home.

Get connected now with the most sought after Doctor Mortgage Banking Experts in Pennsylvania and be awarded with the benefits of the most sought after Doctor Mortgage terms our industry has to offer within Pennsylvania.

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